Wind Energy Law


At SMITH ∙ ROSE ∙ FINLEY we have extensive experience in representing landowners in negotiating wind agreements. Attorney Allen Price has negotiated wind agreements with over fifteen different wind companies on behalf of landowners. Those agreements have covered property in over 20 different counties. We do not represent wind companies, only landowners.

Our law firm has the experience you need to achieve maximum results in the various areas of wind energy law.

  • How a wind lease will affect your property.
  • The current market royalty that you should be paid
  • How to protect your livestock and hunting operations.
  • How to make sure the wind company will restore your property when they leave.
  • Can you - and should you - give your wind rights to your children?

Making a wind lease on your property will not only affect that property for you, but will likely have an affect for the next generation as well. Based on our personal experience as landowners and as attorneys who have represented landowners through the contract, construction and operation phases of wind farms, we can assist you in making good, informed decisions.

If you need assistance dealing with a wind company or any other Wind Energy Law issue, please call us at (325) 653-6721.